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Miscellaneous Information

School Office

Hilo High School office hours are 7:45am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal and State Holidays. The main office is located behind the flagpole and is viewable from Waianuenue Avenue. The school phone number is (808)313-5500. The physical address of the school is 556 Waianuenue Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720.

Deliveries to Students

Deliveries to school for students such as food, flowers, balloons, etc. WILL NOT be accepted at the school office. Students are encouraged to participate in the school lunch program or to bring a packed lunch with them to school. Students and parents should plan ahead to ensure students will have meal options each day. While we understand that such items are of importance to our students, such deliveries tend to cause unnecessary disruptions on campus.
In the interest of student and staff safety, parents and family members are asked to refrain from attempting to deliver such items to the campus. In this way, our campus security and admin may focus on the students and their well-being on campus.
Emergency and school-related items will be accepted at the school office from parents and/or guardians on a case-by-case basis.

Leaving Campus With Permission

Students are expected to remain in school from the time they arrive on campus in the morning, until their departure from campus at the end of the normal school day. Permission (via the school office) to leave campus at anytime before the school day ends is required.
If there is a valid, verifiable reason, for a student (regardless of age) to leave the campus during the normal school day, a parent or guardian must provide a campus absence written excuse to the office, prior to the student’s departure. Phone calls to the office for emergency release of students will be subject to an authentication process by our office staff. Please plan school releases in advance to avoid having to call in to the school. Student will need to obtain a Temporary Off-Campus Pass prior to leaving the campus from the school office. Parents/Guardians should park in the visitor’s section of the main parking lot while transacting any business on campus.

Telephone System

Hilo High School utilizes an automated telephone system to aid in expediting contact with specific school personnel and/or students. The school telephone directory changes frequently, and is available on our Viking Website. Please limit phone calls to students to emergency/urgent messages only.

Student Parking

All numbered parking stalls at Hilo High School are assigned to faculty and staff members. After first submitting a “Hilo High School Student Parking Application” and receiving a student parking pass, students may utilize the Student Parking Stalls on the upper campus across the school cafeteria on a first come, first served basis. Students who park illegally in any parking stall may have their cars cited and/or towed away at the registered owner’s expense. Public parking stalls are located along Waianuenue Avenue after the one way traffic pattern ends at 8:00am.


Homework Requests

Homework requests will be accepted by the office or counselors after the student has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days. Teachers have a 24-hour time period to have assignments ready for students. Assignments will be left in the main office for pickup. Students will be responsible for completing and returning all assignments given. New assignments will NOT be sent to the office if previous assignments have not been returned.
Assignments may not be provided if the child’s absence is due to a violation to the Chapter 19 Discipline Guidelines or Suspension. However, an automatic F or 0 shall not be given for an assignment that a student is not allowed to make up. According to the DOE Regulations, homework will not be provided for a student who is found to be truant/cuts class and an automatic F or 0 may be given for the work that is missed by the student.
If you have any questions regarding the Hilo High School Homework Policy, please contact child’s respective counselor.

Identification Cards

All students of Hilo High School will be provided with an Identification Card for their use for their years at HHS. Students will use these ID Cards as a student ID, their Meal Card, and their Library Card. Students who lose their cards must request for a new card and will be assessed a replacement fee for each replacement needed. Replacement cards are available at the school library. Students are advised to safeguard their ID cards at all times and to report stolen ID cards to the school administration as soon as possible.
In the interest of safety and security, all students, faculty, and staff members are required to have their Identification Cards visible on their person at all times while on campus. Students who choose to disregard this requirement will be considered insubordinate and Chapter 19 Discipline will be applied.

Cafeteria Cafeteria System

Hilo High School utilizes the Meal Tracker (MT) system to track cafeteria meal sales on campus. Similar to a bank account, students will deposit monies into their MT accounts and funds will be debited when meals are purchased. All students will be provided an identification card (explained above) that will also be used as their meal cards.
Students may make deposits to their accounts at the School Office. Parents may also deposit money online for a small fee. Deposited monies will be available for students to use within 2 business days. Cashiers will verbally notify students when their balances are reaching lower levels at the service lines. All students must have their ID cards for purchasing meals. Students who attempt to use another student’s ID card to purchase meals would be subject to disciplinary action.

Solicitation on Campus

Solicitations on campus are not allowed at any time, unless it is an authorized DOE/Hilo High School fundraiser.  There shall be no sale of items on campus without the prior approval of the school principal.

Campus Traffic & Accessibility Notices

In order to maintain a safe and secure campus, we need the cooperation of all faculty, staff, community members, parents, and students. Here are some important reminders/notices regarding our campus traffic expectations:

  • Do not stop along any roadway area or curbside fronting the main office and the patio.  
  • All drop-offs should be done along the bus ramp fronting the library and cafeteria.
  • Speeding or other reckless driving is prohibited at all times.
  • Parking in any marked ADA stall without a valid placard is illegal.  Violators are subject to tow and/or fines issued by the Hawaii County Police Department.
  • The lower campus driveway is faculty use only.  All others should utilize the main campus driveway for student drop off and pick up.
  • Entering the school campus, with any vehicle, renders the said vehicle subject to search by school administration at anytime while on the school campus.
  • Unauthorized access to the school campus will immediately activate safety protocols which may include action by the Hawaii County Police Department.
  • Failure to comply with an order by school administration to leave the campus will result in immediate police notification and action.

Visitor Policy

In the event an administrator or by way of parent or family member request, requests to "shadow" a student shall be approved by the school principal. The visiting party shall remain with a sponsoring adult at all times.

Each request shall be handled on a case by case basis. If you would like to request to shadow/visit classrooms, please notify and secure permission from the principal by calling the school at (808)313-5500.